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Sweeter Legal is an advanced lead generation and appointment management system for law firms. It streamlines lead acquisition and appointment management, utilizing PHP Laravel for backend, ReactJS and Tailwind CSS for frontend, and MySQL for the database. External services like Google Calendar API, Nylas Outlook API, and Twilio are integrated for additional functionality, including SMS and phone call capabilities. Sweeter Legal empowers law firms to optimize their lead generation efforts and appointment scheduling processes, driving growth in the legal industry.

The Lynwood Chamber website, built on WordPress with advanced custom code, allows businesses to sign up through monthly or yearly subscriptions, gaining a listing in the business directory. Businesses can post jobs, which appear instantly on the job board, while admins can create and distribute events across various platforms. Users can sign up for events and add them to their calendars. The website also facilitates donations and offers social media authentication for user signups. Constant Contact is used for marketing automation. Additionally, businesses can register as volunteers by filling out a form.

Crum is a website that helps you find your dream home. Crum uses MLS APIs to list properties for sale from various sources and locations. You can browse through thousands of listings, compare prices and features, and contact the agents directly. Crum makes it easy and convenient to buy or sell real estate online.
Technology used in this project are for backend technologies we use PHP Laravel, Fronted technologies ReactJS, Tailwind CSS ,database is MySQL and external services are Rest MLS and TWILIO.

Female lift is a social media platform which started on the basis of a burning desire that collect the beauty and well-being industry And help women and gender minorities to make greater success. Female Lift gives you the best tools to get to work, find internships, recruit and market yourself or your business.

Tickfaw Travel is a dedicated visa processing website that provides a streamlined and effective platform for applying for a wide range of visas. With a strong emphasis on convenience, we offer multiple payment options, including wire transfer, Mastercard, and even the flexibility to pay with cryptocurrencies. Our advanced technology stack includes Laravel for robust backend development, Vue for dynamic frontend experiences, and MySql for efficient data management.

Vested was built to reinvent the traditional recruiting model; creating the best possible experience for employers and candidates. We offer tech-enabled recruiting services to help companies reduce time to fill, improve candidate quality, and save time by augmenting the tedious task of candidate sourcing. We’ve built technology to increase productivity and accuracy when identifying, engaging, and sourcing passive talent.

Chemeyes is an exceptional ecommerce website specializing in pet food, offering customers a seamless platform to register, browse, and purchase products while conveniently tracking their past orders. With integrated shipping capabilities and comprehensive online and offline inventory management, we ensure a smooth and efficient shopping experience. Our innovative shipping plugin automatically registers orders on the courier site, streamlining the fulfillment process for both customers and the business. is a sophisticated ecommerce store specializing in the sale of watches. With a user-friendly interface, customers are presented with a diverse range of payment options, ensuring convenience and flexibility during the checkout process. Moreover, users have the ability to curate their own wishlist, enabling them to save desired products for future purchases. In addition, the website features an integrated live support system, facilitating prompt assistance and addressing customer queries in real-time. For enhanced convenience, users can create personal accounts, granting them the ability to easily track and monitor the status of their orders. combines a seamless shopping experience with comprehensive features to provide customers with a premium service.

FireAlert is a cutting-edge website that provides homeowners with an advanced fire alarm system, alerting them directly on their mobile devices in case of any accidental fires at home. The website offers a seamless buying experience, allowing customers to make purchases and track their orders with ease. In addition to one-time payment options, FireAlert also provides a convenient subscription plan, providing customers with ongoing protection and peace of mind.