Developed in Hybrid Technology this Internal app is for a Bank’s executives! This powerful tool encompasses HR management, asset management, ATM and cash management, and utilizes AI to provide valuable insights for optimizing operations. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features, the app empowers executives to streamline processes, allocate resources efficiently, and drive continuous improvements across the organization.

The Logistic App designed for Neil O’Brien is developed using hybrid technology. It serves as a comprehensive solution for Neil O’Brien and his logistics company. The app allows for efficient tracking of truck routes, providing live tracking on a map. Through the admin panel, executives have the capability to allocate routes to specific trucks, instantly appearing on the driver’s mobile device. The app also enables direct communication between management and drivers, facilitating seamless coordination. With its user-friendly interface and robust features, the Neil O’Brien Logistic App optimizes operations and enhances communication within the company.

UUpixel is a versatile app designed using hybrid technology, offering users a wide variety of food-related items. With its custom filters, users can enjoy a personalized experience while browsing through an extensive selection of fresh, organic raw food and delectable homemade dishes. UUpixel ensures a commitment to quality, promoting a healthy and balanced lifestyle by providing nutrient-rich options for those seeking fresh organic produce, raw ingredients, or ready-to-eat meals. Whether you’re looking to create wholesome meals at home or satisfy your cravings with homemade delights, UUpixel is your ultimate destination.

This app is developed using Flutter, Dart, Weather Forecast API, Firebase, and In-app subscription.

This app could possibly be the best investment you will ever make toward your success in hunting waterfowl.

Hunt Proof was created to make precious time in the field more effective and efficient. Successful hunts in the past offer information on how to set up a future hunt.

Waste notification is an internal system implemented by a company to effectively manage resources on construction sites. This system serves as a valuable tool for monitoring resource usage and ensuring optimal efficiency. With waste notification, the system can send notifications when resources are running low, prompting timely replenishment. It also incorporates checks and balances to ensure that areas are properly cleared and resources are appropriately accounted for. By utilizing this system, the company can proactively manage resources, minimize waste, and maintain smooth operations on construction sites